let’s preserve
our planet’s resources

At Carrousel, we’re as careful with our own resources as we are with those of our planet.

As an industry leader, we offer a complete range of hand-picked eco-friendly products, in close collaboration with Éco Entreprises Québec. It’s one of the many ways we strive to help businesses preserve our planet's resources for future generations.


Carrousel is Canada’s largest distributor of packaging solutions, offering a wide variety of products and equipment to diverse sectors, while accompanying businesses throughout their environmental transitions. With warehouses in Boucherville, Boisbriand, Quebec City and Drummondville, we deliver to over 1,200 customers across Quebec every day.

Food packaging

Containers, plates, utensils, glasses, lids...

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Protective packaging and shipping materials - Industrial

Industrial films, boxes, strapping, adhesive tape…

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Packaging equipment and machinery

For close to 20 years, we’ve been distributing a wide range of packaging machinery and equipment.

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Sanitary products and equipment

Cleaning agents, soaps and personal hygiene products, gloves, dishwashers…

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For your environmental transition

Because together we can have a positive impact on the future of our planet.

We’ll be with your every step of the way during your environmental transition.

To help companies reduce single-use plastics and comply with new government and municipal regulations (taking effect in Montreal as of March 28, 2023), we’re proud to offer a few customized eco-friendly solutions.

Feel free to call on our team of dedicated representatives; they’re experts in the environmental issues and regulations affecting your business.

Our dishwashers help preserve the planet's resources.

Whether you own a SMB, a restaurant or a bar, Carrousel offers a wide range of high-performance dishwashers that meet the pressing needs of your company and our planet.

Do business with Carrousel, an industry leader.

Recognized as an expert in the food packaging and equipment, we have multiple solutions to meet your needs.

If you are a food processing entrepreneur or a manager of a small to mid-size enterprise, Carrousel offers equipment solutions (including technical service), as well as food or industrial packaging and sanitary products. Also known for our eco-friendly solutions, we support companies in their ecological transition.

As the largest distributor of packaging products in Québec, Carrousel has a varied inventory of food packaging. We can deliver very large quantities.

« Having access to large quantities of products always in stock simplifies management. »

St-Donat - Bakery

In addition to offering a wide variety of products and services, Carrousel provides experts who meet all needs.

« It’s so much easier to have everything in one place! »

Nobert - Fine butchery

Carrousel’s technical service supports you with equipment installation, repair, security and maintenance throughout Québec.We have a large inventory of replacement parts and accessories.

« We have access to a team that perfectly understands our needs and qualified technicians for our equipment maintenance. »

Les Petits Chefs - Food Service


Click here to consult the regulations.

Industry owners, choose from the largest selection of packaging, protective, and shipping equipment in Quebec.

Whether you’re in the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, or distribution sector, or conduct your business online, you want practical packaging products and efficient equipment. Carrousel, your local business, and industry leader, has what you need.

Take advantage of faster lead times thanks to our extensive network of suppliers and our high inventory levels. For one-time needs or full support for your every packaging need.

Choose Carrousel, the best in the industry, for your business.

Stretch film

The widest variety of hand and machine films, including our house brand and Terra recycled film.

Packaging machines for every budget:

  • Turntable
  • Rotary arm
  • Mobile
  • Orbital
  • Completely automated systems


Polypropylene, polyester, or steel strapping and closures. Our team can advise you on the best product to suit your needs.

Different types of equipment for all kinds of strapping:

  • Hand or battery tools
  • Tables with or without arche
  • Completely automated systems

Case formers and sealers

Equipment for every budget: Manual or automatic gummed paper dispensers,
automatic and semi-automatic sealers (adhesive tape, activated with water or hot glue),
void filling systems (paper, inflatable cushions, and bubbles), combined former-sealer systems

An impressive choice of cardboard boxes, adhesive tapes, gummed papers, dispensers, etc.

Shrink wrap

Wide range of shrink wrap including Cryovac film

From manual systems and shrink packaging machines with or without tunnel, to fully automated Form-fill-seal systems

Don’t forget about our unparalleled variety of

Protective corners • Bags • Cardboard sheets • Corrugated boxes • Bubbles • Foams

Personal protective equipement
And more !

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